We architect solutions

A successful project needs focus, knowledge, craftsmanship & creativity
The team you choose makes all the difference

We are creatives

From the finest details to the entire user experience, it’s on us to make sure it is extraordinary.

We are strategists

Any business is a complex, living, breathing entity. Our strategy approach will treat it as such.

We are engineers

Investigation to architecture to implementation to testing and deployment, it will be done to the highest of standards.

Code Chemistry is a proud


Software development

Software development services span commercial, custom, mobile, enterprise, web and cloud-enabled applications.


Our team of technologists is heavily slanted toward the strategic end of the software product design spectrum, with many of us having worn the hats of CTOs, chief architects, and other software strategists.


Our outsourcing solutions and managed services give enterprises the freedom to focus on strategic business activities and to build core competencies.

Project Management

Communication, clear direction and organization for each aspect of a project. All tasks, roles & deliverables need to be accounted for.

UX/UI Design

Bring together information architecture and creative vision. Each user and device must be thought of. It all must flow and look beautiful.

Support & Maintenance

We support and maintain everything we develop. Doing the project is one thing, keeping it healthy and working after is our job also.
Our expertise
.Net 95%
NodeJs 95%
AngularJS 85%
Android, IOS, Xamarin 90%
Python 75%
Windows, Linux, Mac Servers Setup & Maintainance 95%
Redis, Memcached 75%
MongoDB, Couchbase 85%
SSRS 70%
Javascript, Html5 90%
Cloud (Amazon, Rackspace) 92%
Our Work
Dicom Transportation Group

Dicom Transportation Group

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Gojimo Tutor

Gojimo Tutor

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